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It's my personal mission to make your site content worthy of being placed at the top of the search engine results by being more relevant and interesting that your competitors. The goal for you should really be to simply make your website "better" for the end user and not for the search engines. In trying to tweak your website only for the search engines, you will likely see a negative net effect and not rank well. That's where we come in. We'll train you for free on how to tweak/modify your website so it's ready - we won't charge you a dime. If after 60 days, you haven't moved up as a result of our "ON PAGE" work, no payment will be required. However, if you see a significant improvement, you will have to pay.

Just stuffing keywords into your meta tags and submitting your site to the search engines won't do a thing. You probably don't realize how many BILLIONS of websites exist. Why would Google want to rank you? Because you submitted to them? Absolutely not.

There are no magic pills, sorry. You'll have to follow the same Google Webmaster guidelines and placement methodologies that every high ranking website had to follow. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best, so let's focus on beating #1, not just top 10. Common sense says the following:


Actually, that's half correct. In theory, based on Google's algorithm, you could rank #1 and push down the current website if you completely copy their style of content. If you duplicate the content, Google will likely see who had the content first and penalize the one that was put up last. So pretend for a moment that your website is setup identically to the person holding the #1. Pretend 11 others did the same thing. How does Google differentiate between the 12 or so of you? Forget what any companies that do seo will tell you that DON'T know what they're doing -- you need LINKS. LINK POPULARITY.

Before I talk about link popularity, let's look at the onpage optimization process I will take you through.

1) Let's select the right keywords. Maybe the best keywords aren't the most competitive keywords
2) Let's see what your competitors are targeting. Maybe your competitors keywords aren't the best keywords.
3) Let's beef up your website and make it more useful than your competitors.
4) Let's submit to the main directories, article websites and social media.
5) Let's stop to see how that worked.
6) Let's focus on link building from here on out.

This is the basic SEO process. Change your site so it READS better and has more USEFUL content. Once that's done, lets make sure you are MORE POPULAR THAN YOUR COMPETITORS. That's the #1 most important factor. Look at it this way. Going back to my example above, ANYONE can copy content. Right? So what if 100000 websites just put up the same content. How does google know who is better? They know through what is called LINK POPULARITY.

What is link popularity? Link popularity is the # of websites that LINK to you. That's the real secret of SEO. How do you get people to link to you? A Link is a vote of confidence in your website. Let's pretend your website is a book in a book store. If you ask 50 people where the best internet marketing book is and 40 out of 50 say it's a specific book, you are likely going to purchase that book. It's the same thing with Google. Google looks to see who links to who and who likes who the most. The person with the most votes wins. It's a bit more complicated than that, but it is what is is. No matter what seo company you're working with, make sure to write your own content. We feel you know your business better than anyone so why have someone or another seo company write the content? The key is to make sure RELEVANT websites link to you, not just anyone. Again, it gets a bit more complicated - you want to make sure the sites linking to you also have RELEVANT back links for the same theme but that's not so important at this point.

This could take a lot of time, right? Absolutely. Google ain't stupid. The websites that currently rank in the #1 position have been doing this for years so how do you expect to get enough links to beat them overnight? It's just not possible. Hopefully this doesn't scare you away completely.

Let's circle back to the on page process for a moment.


There are a variety of tools you could use, but we stick with Googles keyword research tool here: google keyword research

You should use common sense and plug in the words that best match what your products are. Be creative.

You should review your competitors meta data, title mainly, h1 and content. I could go on and on about this, just like bruce clay, jill Whelan and the other well known experts, but I won't because complicating this for you just makes it harder to understand. Always keep the goal in mind. Produce more useful content than your competitor and build links/votes. Period. There are so many theories in the seo world it could suffocate you. Do you want to rank higher? Contact us now.

How do you review your competitors links? EASY. Use the yahoo site explorer.

This tool will not give you EVERY link but it will give you a place to start. Analyze the TYPE of links your competitors have and make it your goal to find similar links in the hundreds if possible. Spend your time reaching out to webmasters. It'll take plenty of time.

If you don't have time to do any of this, hire me. You'll pay me at least $3,000 per month and I'll make sure it gets done right without over complicating things. You'll need google analytics and google webmaster installed. You'll need to make sure you are leveraging the google maps/local system and you'll need to make sure to bring paper and a pencil!